Internet Explorer, Child of the 90s

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Great ad spot by Microsoft for Internet Explorer 10 tries to make generation Y reminisce and consider giving the browser another shot

Out of the big 3 browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome) Internet Explorer has (deservedly) gotten a bad rap sheet. Over the past couple years the browser has been rapidly losing marketshare. Internet Explorer 10 however, promises to make up for being lack-luster in the past though, and It seems like they’re doing something right as It’s getting some pretty solid reviews.

…we thought it was time to invite those of you who haven’t thought about Internet Explorer in a while to take a trip down memory lane. Internet Explorer is a child of the ’90s, but we have done some serious growing up. Maybe IE was your first browser, but you haven’t used it in a while. We aren’t sure if Pogs or trolls will make a comeback as well, but we do know a lot has changed with Internet Explorer.
- Blog Post, Microsoft

The ad says, “You grew up. So did we.” Unfortunately for Microsoft, I and a huge percentage of other former Windows users have really grown out of the Microsoft eco-system of products. It’s gonna take alot more than a great ad spot to get me to go out of my way to try their products again, especially when I’m already happy with Chrome.

Smart video, fun to watch. Hated Internet Explorer for years, but at least this makes me curious.
- User comment, Mashable

Combing through various commentary across different channels though, It does look like the ad spots they’ve been putting out are working to an extent. I keep stumbling across comments by people admitting that they’re getting curious.

What do you think though, should we give Internet Explorer another shot?

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