Vine is a #win

Really diggin Twitter’s new Vine app, which is essentially video tweeting- hashtags and all

I’m not sure why Twitter didn’t just build the functionality into itself, but nonetheless the spinoff product is really solid! It’s really easy to get started, and people are coming up with some really creative 6-second clips. Although It’s straight up video, It really feels like an evolved GIF.

In addition to being used as a creative outlet and marketing tool, I can already see Vine being utilized politically in oppressed countries. Twitter did a great job of creating a video version of It’s 140 character limit. Visit the official Twitter blog post here for the full scoop.

Video is staking its claim as a major new social media trend for 2013. Twitter-owned Vine debuted last month to great excitement, soon followed by Facebook’s debut of a similar video recording feature on its iOS app.

- Sprout Social

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