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I helped redesign this Amazon-owned international boutique apparel store as a responsive experience. The end-product is an easy to use retail experience that spans across desktop, 10″ tablet, 7″ tablet and mobile.

My Contribution
I was tasked to design a couple new features as well as redesign a number of existing features including:

  • Search and Browse: UX, UI (including widgets like “people also bought”, “quick view” and “your history”)
  • Detail Pages: UX, UI
  • Reviews: UX, UI
  • Favorites and Favorite Brands: UX, UI
  • Help Centre: UX, UI
  • Returns: UX, UI

Notable Challenges Overcome

  • Everything had to collapse and work well across 4 break points: Desktop, 10″ Tablet, 7″ Tablet and Mobile.
  • Designed with localization in mind. My designs have to work in English, German and Japanese!
  • Had to use data as decision driver.
  • Had to work on an Amazon platform, and Amazon had never done responsive before.


A slick mobile app, for an exhilirating new TV show

Plane Xtreme follows the aces of Wings of Eagles Aircraft Delivery in Tampa, Florida as they push the physical limits of both man and plane to the extreme in order to deliver everything from small Piper Cubs to vintage aircraft. With no de-icing equipment, no oxygen masks, hostile weather conditions and one engine, the crews risk their lives each time they leave on another trip to remote locations in the Far East, Africa, Europe or South America.
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AutoDash is a mobile app which transforms your tablet into a modern in-car entertainment and communication hub. AutoDash leverages existing sources like your phone, social networks, and real-time localized data to create a single cohesive and enjoyable in-car experience.

Backed by years of experience designing and marketing within the automotive and motorsports industry, AUTODASH is a step forward for the automotive industry. Its clean and practical user-interface is being designed and tested for the real world, unlike the hacked together apps and outdated in-dash aftermarket units being sold today. With OBD and 3rd party integrations your experience can be as simple, or as advanced as you can imagine it- all-the-while being packaged up in a simple and clean user interface.



Everyone seems to be staring at their phones while driving, no matter how many “Don’t Text and Drive” billboards are put up. Although we can’t necessarily stop the consumption of content while driving in the information age, we can make it easier to read and in a more strategic location- the dashboard.

There’s also the current state of aftermarket in-dash units- which are either cheap and useless or expensive and running software and UX that is outdated by at least half a decade. For less than the price of a low-end touchscreen unit, a tablet can be custom installed into your car and make your in-car experience current and relevant.

Interested in contributing or investing?

I’m currently in conversations with prospect developers, engineers, 3rd party API vendors, potential sponsors and future sales staff. Contact me asap, and I’ll see how I can get you involved in this automotive industry-shaking product.

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This is a Self-Started ProjectI, Yuriy Zaremba, am at this current time sole owner of AutoDash as an intellectual property.
App style mobile website built for Johnson & Johnson

This mobile site was built to serve as a mobile allergy reference for tips, activities and real-time local pollen forecasts on-the-go. I designed the product, and helped manage development of the product.

Creatively directed the Futuristic Labs brand launch, as well as designed their flagship product- a social fitness app.

Very extensive project spanning over a year, including the design of their brand, website and flagship product.

WOW! Looks awesome. I am thrilled!
E. Mitelman, Co-Founder

Helped design and develop re:discover HTML5 mobile app. Users rediscovered America, and American-made automotive luxury as it should be – by Buick.

Re:Discover is a new web-only travel series on MSN that promises to give an insider perspective on American cities. I helped wireframe, design and develop the app. The MSN audience proved very receptive to Buick’s “your kind of luxury” messaging and successfully engaged with the brand through the re:discover platform.

Campaign results: A significant increase in brand perception across its target audience was a key win for Buick, which specifically set out to target younger and more affluent potential buyers.

All content related to “re:discover” campaign belongs to Microsoft and Buick, respectively.

Conceptual Blackberry branded experiences featuring dynamic, tablet friendly websites

I got to design the UX and UI behind a flagship marketing campaign meant to surround the Blackberry Playbook. Unfortunately, the project never did get far due to Blackberry budget cuts.

An original web series filled with videos, tips and articles sponsored by Hillshire Farm.

I designed the branding, website and mobile experience for this hit original web series. Kitchen Cookoff features original content including videos, recipes, tips and articles.

Yuriy is one of my favorite designers. He has a knack for coming up with creative solutions that are both enthusiastically supported by the client, and benefit the internal team as well. When Yuriy is on a project with me, design is one of the last things I need to worry about; he easily adapts to change, delivers on-time, and works well with everyone.
-J. Williams, Site Manager

All content related to “Kitchen Cookoff” series belongs to Microsoft and Hillshire Farm, respectively.

Cross platform campaign designed to empower impoverished youth on an International scale