AutoDash Car Interface

AutoDash is a mobile app which transforms your tablet into a modern in-car entertainment and communication hub. AutoDash leverages existing sources like your phone, social networks, and real-time localized data to create a single cohesive and enjoyable in-car experience.

Backed by years of experience designing and marketing within the automotive and motorsports industry, AUTODASH is a step forward for the automotive industry. Its clean and practical user-interface is being designed and tested for the real world, unlike the hacked together apps and outdated in-dash aftermarket units being sold today. With OBD and 3rd party integrations your experience can be as simple, or as advanced as you can imagine it- all-the-while being packaged up in a simple and clean user interface.



Everyone seems to be staring at their phones while driving, no matter how many “Don’t Text and Drive” billboards are put up. Although we can’t necessarily stop the consumption of content while driving in the information age, we can make it easier to read and in a more strategic location- the dashboard.

There’s also the current state of aftermarket in-dash units- which are either cheap and useless or expensive and running software and UX that is outdated by at least half a decade. For less than the price of a low-end touchscreen unit, a tablet can be custom installed into your car and make your in-car experience current and relevant.

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I’m currently in conversations with prospect developers, engineers, 3rd party API vendors, potential sponsors and future sales staff. Contact me asap, and I’ll see how I can get you involved in this automotive industry-shaking product.

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This is a Self-Started ProjectI, Yuriy Zaremba, am at this current time sole owner of AutoDash as an intellectual property.