Responsive Online Store : Javari

I helped redesign this Amazon-owned international boutique apparel store as a responsive experience. The end-product is an easy to use retail experience that spans across desktop, 10″ tablet, 7″ tablet and mobile.

My Contribution
I was tasked to design a couple new features as well as redesign a number of existing features including:

  • Search and Browse: UX, UI (including widgets like “people also bought”, “quick view” and “your history”)
  • Detail Pages: UX, UI
  • Reviews: UX, UI
  • Favorites and Favorite Brands: UX, UI
  • Help Centre: UX, UI
  • Returns: UX, UI

Notable Challenges Overcome

  • Everything had to collapse and work well across 4 break points: Desktop, 10″ Tablet, 7″ Tablet and Mobile.
  • Designed with localization in mind. My designs have to work in English, German and Japanese!
  • Had to use data as decision driver.
  • Had to work on an Amazon platform, and Amazon had never done responsive before.


Project Details